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Rubber Lining's parts are lined on the outside with a special blend of Butyl. The inside is lined with a soft natural gum.* Butyl provides protection from harmful ultra-violet light and has a high durometer, which produces a better torque value, increases the part's sealing capabilities and helps prevent non-accidental releases (NARS). The soft natural gum on the inside - and on all surfaces the liquid or commodity might contact - has a low durometer, thus providing for longer lasting parts. The rubber is not sprayed on. It is manufactured as sheet lining that comes in rolls and is custom cut to fit the parts. (*Parts can be lined with materials other than Butyl and soft natural gum.)

Segment Washers:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Custom Built Segments (to owners specs)
  • Gaskets:
  • Full Face & Ring Gaskets
  • Neoprene & Gum Rubber
  • Special Gaskets (to owners specs.)

 Hazarsolve Poly Pro Parts (UHMW):

  • Siphon Pipe with Special Flex End (2" thick flange, some tubes may not require flex ends)
  • Surge Protectors (baffles, round & square flanges)
  • Other Speciality Built Parts (reducers, hose bibs, site glasses, etc.)
  • FDA Approved, High Chemical Resistance, AAR Approved
  • AAR and Chlorine Institute Approved 

Rubber Lined Parts:

  • Man way Covers (railcar & trailers)
  • Dome Lids or fill hole Covers (railcars & trailers)
  • Spool Pieces (siphon pipe, adapter spools, etc.)
  • Tees any size (1" , 2" , 3" , etc.)
  • Custom Built Parts (to owners specs)
  • Parts Inventory (any part that owners may need to stock for quicker turn-around)

Product Valve:

  • AAR approved HCL Plug Valve
  • Any Size (1" , 2" , 3" , etc.)


RLS brings you a wide variety of rubber lined and stock parts. Plus as a team, RLS and Salco can provide you with a wide variety of other components such as segment washers, gaskets, products valves and hazarsolve polypro parts.


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